Anna Maria Creekside Management in Medford Oregon

Owners & Management

Meet the Owners... Larry Horton, Ann Horton, Mary Mahar, and Mike Mahar.

Larry and Ann Horton are long time residents of the Rogue Valley and owners of other distinguished retirement properties Oregon. Ann, of Lawrence's Jewelers a family owned business since 1908 and Larry, a retired electrical engineer and developer are active community leaders.

Born and raised in the beautiful Rogue Valley, Mike and Mary Mahar previously owned the property on which Anna Maria Creekside is built. Mike, is a well known developer and builder in the Rogue Valley. His lovely wife Mary creates the design and decorating through her business, "Interiors By Mahar Homes."

Larry and Ann Horton had been considering building a new retirement community that would set new and even higher standards for retirement living in the Rogue Valley. Mike and Mary Mahar shared this vision and owned the ideal location for such a project. That is how the partnership began.

While Larry and Mike focused on the construction and financing, Ann and Mary collaborated on the elegant appointments making Anna Maria Creekside a towering achievement.

The men lovingly named the Anna Maria Creekside in honor of their wives Ann and Mary.